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from Rob’s Clients



A huge thanks from Justin, Brian and I for your excellent sea kayak instruction and wisdom on Saturday. We were very pleased with learning the basic kayak fundamentals throughout the day and thrilled with all three of us completing at least one eskimo roll by the end of the day.


Peter Avery


Thanks very much for tutoring us today – particularly with respect to the safety skills.
With continued and focused practice I’m fairly confident that we will be able to build upon what we have initially learnt from you into skills that will serve us well when we get down to Tasmania and beyond.


Luke J


Thanks for the lessons and instructor instruction; I’m definitely a better paddler as a result. I’ve enjoyed our sessions & look forward to more in 2008.


Chris James


Thanks to you both for a terrific weekend. I really felt a great improvement in my strokes and manoeuvring. I found that both of you give clear and concise instructions, and lots of encouragement, which enabled me to build on my skills and confidence in conditions that I have certainly never paddled in. Consider it a job well done and greatly appreciated! All round it was a superb weekend, both on and off the water.


Sally Jacobs


Thanks for all your organisational efforts, for bringing everyone together and for the tremendous support you have given me this year - without you Id still be getting in my kayak backwards and upside down.


Sally Jacobs


Thanks Rob,

I really appreciate your support and the encouragement.

Looking forward to another day at it!


Bob Turner


Ingrid and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the day we spent with you yesterday. Even though we are both pretty new to this wonderful activity, you made things very clear and taught us both a great deal in that one day. We really appreciate your teaching method, where you taught us so much, explained why we needed to do things differently without making us feel stupid.

Thanks again.


Alan Davidson


We are getting a lot out of our paddling and again on Saturday, have seen how valuable your inputs have been in allowing us to go further, faster and with far less fatigue!  Big smiles all around!  There is a little talk about where we’ll put singles if we get them… 

All the best,


David E


Rob: thanks for a great pair of paddles (paddling trips) last week. Really enjoyed it: one of the high points of a very pleasant trip (to Australia).


Michael Slater


Dear Rob,

This is just a short email to say a very big thank you for last Thursday.  Marius and I had such a wonderful day on the water with you and learnt so much too. 


'Rob Mercer is a great instructor- patient and knowledgeable. He was able to tailor instruction to our requests and abilities, which were initially minimal. We came out of the course with infinitely improved paddling skills and an appreciation for the ocean as well as the impact of the climatic conditions. The final day of paddling on the ocean around the Royal National Park was breathtaking.'


Will and Shona (Sargent)


Rob, Thanks so much for the help that you provided to myself and my friends in planning and preparing for our Bass Strait paddle in January this year. We learnt an amazing amount of useful information and paddling techniques from you which I believe were absolutely fundamental in us completing our trip safely and having the confidence to get off the beach every day and paddle into the great unknown. Aside from the results, the way in which you went about building our confidence but also highlighting what we didn't know was outstanding. Thanks again for being part of the team and we couldn't have done it without you.


Justin Gallagher



Thanks for a brilliant job teaching Leonie on Saturday.

She came in this morning all fired up & singing your praises for both the skills and your approach.

I’m certain you’ve added another kayaker to the ranks.





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