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As the name implies these classes are all about learning new skills or making your current techniques more effective. Starting with posture, hand position, balance and core power we will aim to develop sustainable, safe and efficient strokes. Wherever possible we will seek out a range of conditions for you to test your newly honed techniques 


Bespoke Classes – Group and Individual

Choose from any of the class categories below or design your own personal tuition program.

This option is suitable for individuals or small groups and run for 2-4 hours. Individual sessions can often cover the whole course in 2-3 hours

$75.00 per hour. Minimum 2 hours.


Foundation Paddling Strokes

Starting on calm water and suitable for everyone from novices wanting to make a good start to those who want to go back to basics to hone their kayaking techniques. This class covers basic strokes and their application. It is a course for individuals or small groups with a maximum of 5 per group to allow everyone to receive personal coaching.

Time and Place: Half a day, with enough time to test what you have learnt in a range of environments against the background of one of Sydney’s many beautiful waterways.

$75.00 per person.


Foundation Edging, Bracing and Beyond

Designed to build confidence in avoiding capsizes and dealing with them when you can’t avoid them. This will appeal to those who are new to the concepts or want more practice in a carefully graded program. This session aims to teach capsize and remounting techniques as just another part of the kayaking experience in a safe and supportive environment. Participants will be surprised at how much fun this can be.

Time and Place: Calm water over 3hours

Groups only with a maximum of 5 per group. 

$90 per person


Foundation Open Water

Consistent with the philosophy that experience in real sea conditions is the best teacher this session is aimed at taking techniques from the other “Foundation Sessions” and applying them in more exposed conditions. In suitable weather this class will be run on open water along Sydney’s spectacular coastline.  

Time and Place: Open water 3hours.

Groups only with a maximum of 5 per group.

$90 per person

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