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Ask yourself this question: Where else have you been required to solve a three-dimensional puzzle upside down, underwater and holding your breath?

For most paddlers, rolling classes are likely the first time they have been presented with this set of learning challenges

Yet an effective roll can be such an effortless, elegant and safe way to deal with capsizes. Some even find it a rewarding activity in it’s own right, particularly those who choose to pursue traditional rolling techniques. .

There is no one way to learn to roll nor is there only one correct way to perform a roll; individual variations in equipment, flexibility and body type will all have a bearing. Due to the unique nature of learning to roll all classes are individual or for a maximum of two participants.


Learning to roll is best viewed as a journey where most of the valuable lessons are learnt before you even arrive at the destination. Rolling tuition will improve your bracing and support strokes as part of the process of working towards your roll.


First Principles

For those who haven’t rolled before and want a carefully graded individual session working through a series of exercises selected for your individual needs.

Time and Place: Calm water, 1.5 hours, individuals or maximum of 2 per group.

$110 per person



Rolling Coaching

Designed for everyone from those who have the first principles but haven’t yet rolled through to those wanting to extend their repertoire or make their roll more reliable.

Time and Place: Calm water, 1.5 hours individuals or maximum 2 per group.

$110 per person

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