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We all learn differently, and no two paddlers paddle exactly the same way, I believe there are so many “right ways” to paddle and just as many ways to learn how. Nevertheless there are many underlying principles that define effective technique and are often best learnt in a small group or individual situation

For this reason I believe short targeted coaching sessions that focus on individual goals and current abilities are often more valuable than generic large group sessions for developing these foundation skills. As a follow up, group sessions are ideal for practising and testing these skills.


Coaching sessions are suitable for paddlers of all abilities and particularly effective for acquiring those skills with clearly measurable outcomes. Popular sessions:

  • Introduction to bracing and rolling

  • Fine tuning your roll

  • Learning a second or other rolls

  • Learning forward paddling technique

  • Refining forward paddling technique

  •  General boat control

  • Rough water boat control

  • Wave riding

  • Surfing

Where - Some of Sydney's most beautiful open water and calm locations - picked to suit the class. 


Who       – Kayakers of all levels seeking to improve.



Cost       – One person $75 for one hour $110 for two

                        Two people $95 for one hour $150 for two

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