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Surf and following seas are among some of the most dynamic paddling environments.  A single session in small spilling waves can accelerate your ability to link strokes, develop better bracing techniques and paddle more assertively.

Conditions and locations are carefully matched to participants experience to ensure the activity is fear free but still challenging.





Dynamic Water Basics 


For those who have effective strokes and bracing skills, this is an ideal opportunity to apply these techniques in a more demanding environment. Injury prevention is the prime consideration of this session and we will practice “not surfing” and timing our moves through the waves before trying some bracing and wave riding.


Time and Place:  Maximum of 4 participants per instructor. Venues will vary depending on the day but include semi-sheltered corners of open beaches and sand bars. 4hours duration. Helmets mandatory.

Weekend Surf and rough water weekends available on request.

Please contact me for a quote

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