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Australian Canoeing Award Scheme.


As an Australian Canoeing Registered Training provider I am endorsed by AC to offer training of all the nationally recognized Sea Kayak programs and conduct assessments for all AC Sea Awards from Intro Sea Skills right through to Advanced Sea Instructor or Guide. The short classes listed below are designed to cover components of the relevant AC Intro Sea Skills and Sea Skills Awards and although excellent stand alone learning opportunities can also be used as excellent training in preparation for full award scheme courses. See the Services page for more details regarding AC courses and assessments.

Foundation Skills

As the name implies these classes are all about learning new skills or making your current techniques more effective. Starting with posture...


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Surf and following seas are among some of the most dynamic paddling environments.  A single session in small spilling waves can accelerate your ability to link strokes, develop better bracing techniques and paddle more assertively....


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Ask yourself this question: Where else have you been required to solve a three-dimensional puzzle upside down, underwater and holding your breath?

For most paddlers, rolling classes are likely the first time they have been presented with this set of learning challenges...


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Most sea kayaking is done without support vessels with the primary aim of cruising the coast or exploring coastal features without the need for outside assistance. A group with good rescue skills should aim to be self sufficient and able to deal with unexpected capsizes and wet exits in a range of conditions...


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Kayak Sailing

Kayak Sailing adds an extra dimension to paddling downwind. The kayak accelerates far more easily and waves that are usually impossible to catch fall in to ride-able range. It has been a local specialty of Aussie kayakers but has now become popular around the world. It is an addictive and sometimes exhilarating way to engage with the open water environment.


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Theory Classes

Courses can be tailored to particular groups. They can be stand alone classroom sessions on the subjects listed below or they can be composed from any of course components required for Australian.... 



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