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Kayak Sailing


Kayak Sailing adds an extra dimension to paddling downwind. The kayak accelerates far more easily and waves that are usually impossible to catch fall in to ride-able range. It has been a local specialty of Aussie kayakers but has now become popular around the world. It is an addictive and sometimes exhilarating way to engage with the open water environment.


Sailing Basics

Using temporary sail rigs we will adapt your kayak for sail, looking at each component of the rig and how it works. Then we will move on to raising and lowering the rig in wind and how to de-power the sail, trim the sail and run at various directions to the wind. The course will also cover how to deal with capsizes with a sail.

For those with some open water experience and sound basic sea kayak skills (see examples on essentials page) 


Time and Place:  Enclosed water with some exposure to the breeze, Maximum 4 per group. 

$75.00 per person, per hour. Minimim 2 hours. 

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